As a result of active work on expansion of spheres of activity and development from 2017 our company has opened a division for sales of finished packaging products made of polymeric materials for agricultural production. Today the range of products includes vegetable mesh and polypropylene bags.

The production of these products was launched at the end of 2016 at our subsidiary companies on the basis of products supplied by us.



Polypropylene bags are one of the most demanded modern types of packaging for bulk products. Convenient storage and transportation, durability, resistance to moisture and temperature extremes are some of the few characteristics of this product. They are suitable for most food and industrial bulk

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Veggie-mesh is a very practical and inexpensive material for packaging of large and small quantities of vegetables, fruits and various commodities of plant origin. It is produced of high density polyethylene and has a number of advantages in transportation, storage and sale of goods that are

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